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Bridge Builders Podcast S2: Ep1 “Mental Health in Construction”

Bridge Builders Podcast S2: Ep1 “Mental Health in Construction”

Brought to you by C.A. Hull, the Bridge Builders podcast connects construction tradesmen and women with industry-related topics.


S2: E1

Mental Health in Construction

On this episode of Bridge Builders, we’re joined by Mark Dyke, Licensed Therapist and Owner of Collaborative Counseling Group. Mark is also an Associate Professor of Construction Technology and Management at Ferris State University.

Earlier this year, we were honored to have Mark as a guest speaker at our 2024 Leadership Summit.

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Mark has agreed to answer some of our questions about how we can support ourselves and others, and how we can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly in the construction industry.


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