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Structural Concrete + Walls

Working with concrete has been at the core of what we have done since the 1930s. Concrete, either cast-in place or precast, can be constructed to be both structurally sound and visually appealing, and C.A. Hull takes pride in delivering both.

Aesthetic & Architectural Concrete

Forming and pouring concrete is what we do, and incorporating aesthetic elements makes the final product look like a work of art. From decorative patterns of brick to stacked limestone, painted in multiple colors to appear natural and real, we can partner with an Owner to achieve any appearance.

MSE Walls

As an alternate to cast-in place concrete retaining walls, C.A. Hull has installed many Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall systems, most of which featured an aesthetic finish. As MSE walls gain popularity with Owners for their value and appearance, trust that C.A. Hull is a leader in their installation.

Sound / Screen Walls

C.A. Hull has helped improve neighborhoods by building sound or screen walls to block traffic noise from residential areas. The majority of these walls have included precast concrete panels and post materials on drilled shaft foundations, but we are also experienced in building walls with lightweight materials. There are many options of wall types to achieve different results, and C.A. Hull can partner with an Owner to identify and build the most effective solution.