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How we got here


Nearly 100 years of building.

From Horses to Highway

Clarence Hull began working for his father in the earth-moving business when the term “heavy machinery” meant horses. His position in the company involved associated concrete work, such as construction of headwalls and culverts, and in the 1930s, that role evolved into his own proprietorship.

In the early 1950s, Clarence hired a young engineer named Don Malloure to assist him in his efforts. Malloure had attended the University of Michigan for a degree in Civil Engineering on the G.I. Bill after serving in the U.S. Navy.

C.A. Hull founders Clarence Hull (left) and Don Malloure (right) at the Michigan Road Builders’ Association Year-End Meeting, 1955.

An Important Proposition

Soon after he started work, Don approached Clarence about an employment arrangement that included an ownership provision in which Malloure would acquire the balance of the company over ten years. Clarence accepted his proposal pending the outcome of an upcoming letting by the Michigan State Highway Department (MSHD); without a winning bid, Clarence Hull planned to sell the business and retire. The letting was a success, and in 1954 C.A. Hull was incorporated. By 1965, Malloure had acquired 100% ownership of the company, and in 1965 when Clarence passed away, the future of the company laid solely on Don’s shoulders.

Sky’s the limit

C.A. Hull continued to grow and thrive into the 1970s, when Don Malloure’s three sons, Joe, John, and Paul, began working for the company as engineers. Eventually, Joe became President, John and Paul became Vice Presidents, and the company evolved into one of the largest bridge-building firms in Michigan.

In 1996, C.A. Hull acquired the bridge rehabilitation division of Champagne-Webber. The fully integrated team of crews and management gave C.A. Hull the unique ability to perform any type, or combination, of bridge work.


The foundation that was laid over 90 years ago is today, as strong as ever. C.A. Hull President Mike Malloure (a third-generation Malloure) and Vice President Dave Turner manage the company and guide our organization as we continue to grow and diversify.

Our mission has been building to the highest standard.




Clarence A. Hull evolves his experience in concrete work and construction into his own proprietorship.


C.A. Hull becomes member of the Michigan Road Builders Association (MRBA).


Clarence Hull hires Don Malloure, a young engineer and University of Michigan graduate, to assist him in growing his business.

C.A. Hull wins bid from Michigan State Highway Department to construct a bridge that would carry what is now I-75 over a rail spur in Monroe County.

C.A. Hull is incorporated and Don Malloure is named Vice President.


Don Malloure named Vice President of C.A. Hull.


Clarence Hull retires and Don Malloure is named President of C.A. Hull.


Clarence Hull passes away and Don Malloure assumes full ownership.


C.A. Hull establishes headquarters in Commerce Township, Michigan (formerly Walled Lake).


C.A. Hull becomes member of the Associated Underground Contractors (AUC).


Don Malloure’s sons, Joe, John and Paul Malloure, start their careers at C.A. Hull.


Joe Malloure is named President of C.A. Hull, and John and Paul are named Vice Presidents.


Joe Malloure serves as MRBA President.


C.A. Hull acquires bridge rehabilitation division of Champagne-Webber.


C.A. Hull completes construction of the first MDOT Design-Build project at Vining Rd at I-94.


C.A. Hull completes recontruction of I-75 from Michigan Ave to I-375, one of MDOT’s first A+B projects.


C.A. Hull completes recontruction of I-96 & M-6 which would become the inspiration for the a our logo.


C.A. Hull completes construction of the new M-6 & US-131 interchange.


C.A. Hull completes construction on a pair of the first tied arch bridges in Michigan at I-94 over Telegraph Rd.


Joe Malloure’s son, Mike Malloure, is named President of C.A. Hull.


Joe Malloure is inducted into Michigan Transporation Hall of Honor.

Terry Smid receives the MITA Honorary Member Award.

Dave Turner is named Vice President of C.A. Hull.


C.A. Hull’s painting operations become QP1 & QP2 Certified with the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

Dusty Barclay receives the MITA Honorary Member Award.

C.A. Hull’s I-96 Reconstruction Project is named “Best Highway/Bridge Project” by Engineering News Record Midwest Best Projects.


Mike Malloure serves as MITA President (MRBA & AUC combined to form MITA in 2005).

C.A. Hull is awarded MIOSHA Ergonomic Success Award.

C.A. Hull is ranked #15 Bridge Contractor by Engineering News Record.

C.A. Hull is awarded Cornerstone Award for Construction Training Excellence.

Joe Malloure receives the MITA Honorary Member Award.

C.A. Hull completes the two year, $150M deck replacement project on I-75 over the Rouge River.


C.A. Hull is named winner of AGC National Construction Safety Excellence Award.