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M-6 & US-131 Interchange

2001 – 2003

  • Total Project Investment: $134 million
  • Location: Ottawa and Kent County, MI

This landmark project was a tri-venture to construct the new M-6 Corridor in Ottawa and Kent Counties. The new corridor consisted of 21 new bridges, two box culverts, 75,000 square feet of cast-in-place retaining walls, and 35,430 square feet of concrete-faced MSE wall.

Among the 21 bridges, included:

  • (2) bridges at Division over M-6
  • (4) bridges at M-6 and US-131
  • (1) bridge at 68th Street over US-131
  • (2) bridges at Kalamazoo over M-6
  • (2) bridges at Eastern over M-6
  • (2) bridges at M-6 over Buck Creek
  • (6) bridges at M-6 over CSX RR
  • (1) bridges from US-131 northbound to M-6
  • (1) bridge from M-6 eastbound to US-131 southbound
  • (2) box culverts US-131 over Buck Creek

Prior to this project, C.A. Hull constructed two bridges over the Thornapple River, one bridge on Burlingame over M-6, and one bridge on Ivanrest over M-6 all within Ottawa and Kent County.