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Q+A With Christian Meza

Q+A With Christian Meza

Christian Meza, C.A. Hull Laborer Foreman

Now in his 9th season with C.A. Hull, Christian joined the team in 2014 as a Laborer. Quickly working his way up, Christian was promoted to Foreman in 2017.


Q: What are your main responsibilities as a Foreman?

A: First and foremost, keeping everybody safe. Second is production. Getting the job done. Going over everything that could possibly go wrong and fixing things before we get going.


Q: What do you think set you apart and helped you advance to the level of Foreman?

A: I never complained and I always tried to remember everything, whether it was where supplies were or equipment. I had good teachers who saw something in me and took the time to teach me.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working for C.A. Hull?

A: I know everyone says safety and that’s a big one, but we’re also supplied really well with materials and tools. We never struggle with not having what we need. They take care of their employees and they’ve always treated me right. I’d never go anywhere else.


Q: What has been a highlight for you during your career with C.A. Hull?

A: I like that every now and then I get to move around and work somewhere else and with different teams. You get to look at things from a different perspective.


Q: What are you most looking forward to learning this season and next season?

A: In the long run, I want to learn everything. This season, I’m focusing on the background of everything going on, planning ahead, and the logistics of the job.

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