The Road to ZERO

C.A. Hull is 100% committed to the health and safety of our family of employees, and to ensuring that everyone on our projects makes it home safely every day.  Safety is not just a word, it is a way of life, and C.A. Hull will not compromise safety for any reason. We have built a strong safety culture through effective communication, rigorous safety training, strategic safety procedures, carefully planning work around safety, and staying true to our core values - Safety, Teamwork, Innovation, Quality, and Integrity. 

Safety is a team effort.  Every C.A. Hull employee is empowered to be a proactive safety leader by being involved, correcting hazards, and watching out for their fellow workers.  We appreciate our employees’ hard work and continued commitment to working safely every day.  

The road to ZERO accidents is not easy or simple, but C.A. Hull’s passion for safety and an accident-free work environment has guided us in establishing and maintaining safety statistics below industry averages year after year.  Our greatest resource is our people and without great people, the success of C.A. Hull is impossible.

Our Cornerstones of Safety

C.A. Hull employs numerous industry-leading best practices, including some of our main cornerstones of safety below:

  • Safety Pre-Planning - Planning the work around safety plays a major role in how we protect our employees every day.  Safety planning begins during our bid process and does not stop until the project is complete.  
  • Safety by Employee Empowerment - Safety is a team effort by all. Our ultimate objective of a safe, accident-free work environment can only be accomplished with a dedicated, concerted effort by every individual involved with the project, from management to skilled tradesman.
  • N.E.S.T. (New Employee Safety Training) - New employees must complete our N.E.S.T. program. The main goals of the program are to empower employees to become proactive leaders in safety, to help them identify and correct hazards, and to provide specific hands-on tool and activity training. 
  • Safety Alerts - Safety alerts are distributed company-wide explaining current safety matters, along with corrective and preventative action plans.
  • Safety Committee - Safety committee members meet every week to discuss company safety, recap recent performance, lessons learned, safety "wins", action plans, upcoming operations, and to review our safety program and procedures.
  • Corporate Safety Manual - Our safety manual is a comprehensive guide consisting of best practices and company procedures detailing how to complete work safely.  Every employee participates in training to ensure that the corporate safety program and procedures are understood.