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C.A. Hull routinely performs earthwork tasks to complement our other operations. From removing pavement and grading, to installing sewers, water mains, and final base preparation, our crews have the knowledge to skillfully complete the work.

Earthwork & Road Construction
Our abilities go beyond bridges, and we offer an all-inclusive solution by performing all earthwork operations in conjunction with the rest of our work.

Excavation, Backfill & Lightweight Fills
We have experience with mass excavation and backfills, including utilizing lightweight concrete and EPS blocks.

Scour Protection
Protection against bridge scour is critical. Whether it is installing riprap around piers in the middle of a river, or placing articulating block along a shoreline, C.A. Hull has the specialized equipment and crews to complete the work.

Water Main & Sewer
Replacing crucial underground infrastructure is important, especially water mains and storm or sanitary sewers. C.A. Hull has the experience to safely isolate, bypass, remove, coordinate and install underground utilities.