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New Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction

C.A. Hull has the unique ability to self-perform every aspect of bridge construction. Day or night, weekend or weekday, our extensive experience and resources allow us to handle everything from the foundation work through the final bridge deck surface. C.A. Hull’s extremely talented workforce is well versed in both reconstruction, bridge deck replacement, and rehabilitation work. Our team has over 90 years reconstructing structures from the ground up. If a bridge’s beams and superstructure can be saved our team can successfully remove and replace the bridge deck while retaining its structure.

New Bridge Construction

From major river or railroad crossings, to complex interstate freeway interchanges, C.A. Hull can build the bridges that connect people, communities, and commerce. Our highly trained crews combined with the necessary heavy equipment resources is capable of constructing not only vehicular and railroad bridges, but also retaining walls and pedestrian bridges.

Bridge Reconstruction

With aging infrastructure and a lack of funding for new routes, many projects require the complete replacement of existing bridges. This is accomplished by staging construction to maintain traffic or implementing detours, and expediting construction to minimize the time on the job. If the beams and substructure can be saved with reasonable effort, our crews can remove and replace the bridge deck while finishing it off with a new barrier wall.