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Meet Our 2022 Summer Interns

Meet Our 2022 Summer Interns

Andrew Corravo, Michigan State University

Andrew is a senior at Michigan State University where he is pursuing a degree in Construction Management. This is Andrew’s second season with C.A. Hull, having spent his first season as a Laborer.

When he’s not with us, Andrew enjoys golfing and hanging out with his friends and family.

I chose to intern with C.A. Hull because I wanted to experience the strong leadership and teamwork that goes into major bridge projects.

Allie Guido, University of Nebraska Omaha

Allie is currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at University of Nebraska Omaha.

When she’s not with us, Allie enjoys trying new things with her friends. This past semester at school, they started rock climbing and line dancing in their free time.

I chose C.A. Hull because I knew I wanted to learn more about the construction management field and gain experience seeing plans turn into structures.

Curtis Vogel, Ferris State University

Curtis has spent his last three summers with C.A. Hull as a Laborer and Project Engineer Intern. This summer, Curtis will be interning with the Safety department. Curtis has an Associate’s degree in Civil Engineering Technology and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management at Ferris State University.

In his free time, when he’s not attending school, Curtis enjoys relaxing with his family and friends.

Joining the safety team this summer is going to be very new for me. I’m excited to really understand just what we do on this side of things and become even more conscious and involved with keeping everyone safe. I know this will be a great experience for me in my career.

Colin Zieman, Ferris State University

Colin will be going into his final year at Ferris State University and graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering.

In his free time, Colin enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends. Colin is a big sports fan and when he’s not working or busy with schoolwork, he can be found either playing or watching sports. His family is also a racing family, so whenever he gets the chance, he likes to help his dad work on his race car or spend time at the races with his family.

I chose C.A. Hull because I wanted [to work for] a company that primarily did bridge work so I could enhance my knowledge on bridges … I wanted to work with a company that treats everyone equally and has a family-friendly environment, no matter what position or job title you have, and C.A. Hull does a great job of that.

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