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M-231 over Grand River

2013 – 2015

  • Total Project Investment: $59 million
  • Location: Ottawa County, MI

This project included a new 1,277’ long, 16-span structure on M-231 over the Grand River in Ottawa County, which is the 6th largest bridge in Michigan. Work on this project included a temporary haul road allowing the C.A. Hull/Hardman joint venture project team access to build 14 new piers through wetland areas and one new pier in the middle of the Grand River, along with erecting up to 9’ deep steel girders.

Overall, 14.8 million pounds of structural steel, 60,000 feet of 14” H-pile, and 25,000 cubic yards of concrete went into building this structure. Due to very large concrete pours, a mass concrete pour specification was used to control and monitor the temperature of concrete after placement for several of the larger pours. Cofferdams over 40’ deep were used to place substructure units in the Grand River, requiring close coordination with the US Coast Guard during the navigation season.

“This project was unique due to its rural location and attention to architectural details and sensitivity of environmental issues,” said Jay Desai, who was the C.A. Hull Project Manager on this project.