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US-131 over 3 Mile


  • Total Project Investment: $4 million
  • Location: Morley, MI

This landmark project consisted of the first bridge superstructure replacement by lateral slide for both C.A. Hull and MDOT. The goal of the lateral slide was to accelerate bridge construction and reduce the amount of time traffic is impacted. Both northbound and southbound existing superstructures were replaced with new superstructures that were built offline 65 feet and laterally slid into place. From start to finish, each direction of US-131 was detoured for a maximum of five calendar days, saving the motoring public months of traffic backups.

This project included minor widening, substructure widening, footing extension, slope paving replacement, and approach roadway reconstruction, all while maintaining traffic throughout the one-year project. The two superstructures were built on massive steel temporary supports and girders. Once the existing superstructures were demolished, C.A. Hull utilized jacks and dywidag bars to pull the structures into the correct position. The structures were then slid into place on PTFE bearings.

This project was let and constructed under the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) contracting format and C.A. Hull was brought on board early in the design and constructability phases to work closely with MDOT design and construction, and other design-consulting firms. This ensured the project would be completed in the most cost-effective manner while also providing superior quality, public safety, and reduced schedule impact.